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When I first needed a lorem ipsum (mock-content/dummy text) generator for some marketing work, I couldn't find any on the Internet that meet my requirements and that was free... then I made my own. It generates random text from your settings using a list of approx. 300 latin words - without any hidden or obscure messages in it.


English shortcuts

Biorhythm Calculator
Lorem Ipsum
Nasa Exercise
Slogan Generator (English)
RGB Color Calculator & Color Scheme Tool

Danish shortcuts

Ordbog (Danish dictionary)
Dansk rimordbog
Parlør (Danish phrase book)
Kryds & Tværs
Kryds & Tværs m. guide
Mumletekst (Lorem Ipsum)
Slogan Generator (Danish)
LIX Kalkulator

Norwegian shortcuts

Norsk rimordbok

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