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from nasrin
Wednesday 4th October 2006 (5:32 am)
daily biorhythm

from Jim
Monday 22nd May 2006 (5:23 pm)
Biorhythm Calculator
Yet another free biorhythm chart calculator:

from bo
Thursday 20th April 2006 (10:00 am)
try this
try this

from Kat
Friday 7th April 2006 (11:06 am)
Here is a more detailed calculator
I don't think this one has any bugs.

from anonymous
Friday 7th April 2006 (9:03 am)
Bug in Biorhythm Calculator
Biorhythm Calculator regularly gives EXAMPLE data when UTC Time Zone is set to 0. Changing time zone to another value seems to solve the problem.

from anonymous
Monday 3rd April 2006 (10:34 pm)
Biorhythm Calculator
Biorhythm Calculator is excellent when it works (too often it just returns EXAMPLE data). A useful addition to the calculator would be to be able to calculate biorhythms for any date past or future.

from George
Monday 20th February 2006 (6:40 am)
How to calculate biorhythms
All you need is here:

from daniel
Saturday 18th February 2006 (10:00 pm)
what is the equation for figuring out how to do biorhythms without using a biorhythm calculator? How would you calculate biorhythms without a biorhythm calculator?

from anonymous
Saturday 20th August 2005 (11:01 am)
Excellent Biorhythm Software
I would recommend you to try Advanced Biorhythms - a nice and easy-to-use biorhythm calendar with compatibility test feature. I find it very useful for me and my family.


from Hedwig
Thursday 11th November 2004 (12:27 pm)
Biorhytm experience
In the early 60's my father and I calculated our biorhytms - without computer ! Biorhytms have been a part of my life since that time. When I have had a sad period or other difficulties - I take a look at my biorhytms - and get the answer almost every time. I does not use them to look in the future in detail, only to get a hint of some bad periods.
I love this opportunity !

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